As promised, here is the second part of the first part. If you recall, we went through the basics of simple energy work involving a candle…a green one which was aimed at attaining emergency funds for rent. The process was simple: hold the (new and cleansed in sea water) candle, calm your mind and think about your goal or intention (which is sometimes called ‘charging’ the candle), secure it in its holder, pray to your God for protection, state your need and your goal/intention, imagine the issue solved and the cash in your hands and the natural rush such gratification would inspire – then light the candle, thank your God and release your need to Universe. Simple and effective. (You might want to read the previous article – it should be on this same issue page).

Now, I’d like to back the truck up for a second…just to add another load of information on you. If you would like to ramp up the energy in your work, there are a few extra things you can include or look into which will strengthen your request. These include incense (dragon’s blood is great), a sewing pin (unused, please) and oil as I mentioned in the first article. And perhaps a crystal or two (aventurine and tigers eye are ‘lucky and abundance’ gems and are also readily available in metaphysical stores). And last but certainly not least, the moon and her phase can make the difference between moderate and magnificent success.

Last things first. If you have the luxury of time, do align your work with the ebb and flow of the moon for she is powerful enough to affect the tides of our Earth and the very water that makes up around 60 percent of our beings…she is the light in our darkness…she is the flame of the candle. Reverence for the Moon goes back thousands of years and continues today.

If she is waxing, this means she is growing in power: she is becoming larger and brighter until she is full and glorious – this is the time to work with bringing things towards you, to attract and to encourage beneficial developments. This is the time for positive magick which is focused on improvement of the self and one’s circumstances in life.

On the other hand, if she is waning (after the full moon), her energy is fading; it is weakening and she is growing smaller and fainter until she ‘disappears’ – this is the time to work with pushing things away from you, to banish negative habits and to release toxic energies. This is the time for energy work which involves clearing and cleaning toxic and negative aspects from the self and from one’s circumstances.

So if you wish to draw love and health and prosperity, time your energy work with the waxing moon. If you wish to push away negative people, places or things, time your energy work with the waning moon. If you find yourself in an emergency situation as in the example we are working with, work can be done during the waning moon: simply burn a black candle (or a white one is black is not available: white serves as a stand-in for all other colors) beforehand and focus on requesting that ‘all blocks to financial success be removed’. Make sense?

If you wish to include crystals, they should be prepared prior to your settling in to do your work: just run them under cool water to cleanse them of accumulated negative energies (or place them under the light of a waxing moon overnight). When you are about to begin your work, you may then hold each separately in your hands (I like to ‘warm’ each between the palms of my hands) and finally place each lightly against your forehead (the third eye) or against the heart chakra (the center of your chest). You may say a prayer for assistance and protection here as well and then place them on your work area. Repeat this action for each individual stone.

Okay, now back to the candle work: the more concentration you put into your candle, the more potent the results will be. The (unused) pin is used to engrave your need on the candle itself. I usually do this at the base of the candle since it is the easiest to ‘write’ on. Keep your words or word simple and to the point…they do not have to be perfect in script: the idea is that you are applying concentrated energy to the job at hand. I have sometimes even ‘dated’ the candle: as in the date by which your emergency funds are needed. You may use symbols (like the dollar sign $) as well. Do not get too involved and remember the old saying ‘be careful what you wish for.’ Careful consideration of all possibilities are of paramount importance when scripting and working with candle magick (or any other kind of magick, for that matter).

The oil is for ‘dressing’ the candle…just apply a small amount of pure virgin olive oil (or a specially prepared oil – lavender is great for almost any magickal undertaking — also readily available at metaphysical stores) to the palms of your hands, rub them together and circle your hands around each end of the candle. Draw your hands toward one another until they meet in the center. You may repeat this motion until you feel the entire candle is properly ‘attired’ or covered – however, do not rub back and forth as this confuses the issue for the simple reason that if you wish to push something away from you, you would reverse the process I just described (your would place your hands together at the centerpoint of the candle and pull your hands apart — towards the ends of the candle). Keep all of your directions and requests and actions as clean, direct and straight-forward as possible.

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