When was the first time that you ever smoked marijuana? How sure were you that you wouldn’t get addicted? Did the sensations feel more like a need than a want as the days grow old?

Let’s go back to the day of your first high time. I’m sure that it only took you a few hits to get sky high! Why? That’s because the THC receptors that are located in our brain were experiencing cannabis for the first time, and as a result? Those tiny little receptors were going crazy. They were suddenly activated, therefore instantly sending you to oblivious sensations.

This is the sensation that you are trying to achieve in each marijuana session. At first you thought that it wasn’t going to be a hard to stop yourself from smoking marijuana, but now you find it really hard not to sneak a joint or two. You thought it was easy to only smoke weed on the weekends, while you are free from your work schedule. But as the weekends turn into weekdays, the daily into hourly, then there must be a problem. You may be searching for that same feeling that you had the first time, the feeling that you fail to achieve on smoking any less that what you already take. weed online bestellen

Maybe it’s about time that you asked yourself, why do I smoke marijuana? What got into my head that I started doing this? What valid reason do I have? None. There is no valid reason for smoking weed. It’s all in the mind. It’s all about will power.

Think about it, what were you supposed to be doing yesterday before you started smoking weed? What are you supposed to be doing now if you hadn’t been smoking marijuana? What are the things that you couldn’t do anymore because of smoking marijuana?

Think about the reasons why you should stop, and think about what ever ghastly reason why you shouldn’t stop smoking weed. For health reasons of course, this can make you really sick as well.

Does smoking marijuana have to be part of your everyday life? What is it about marijuana that you need more than whatever it is that you need more? You may think that marijuana helps you to relax more, but back when you weren’t smoking weed yet, what did you use to relax yourself naturally? Why couldn’t you get back to that natural way?

So the next time you think about smoking another joint, ask yourself these questions. Is it really worth risking your health and money? Think.

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