What to Add to Business Cards


The usage of business card has a long and storied history associated with it. We would go so far as to say that business cards predate the modern era, since it may have found its roots in ancient Chinese society thousands of years ago. The Chinese were the very first people to have invented the printing press, and they quickly started printing out pieces of paper that contained relevant details that business owners would want to make their potential customers well aware of.

However, suffice it to say that Metal Business Kards have changed dramatically since their inception. While they were likely initially used as a form of advertising, their usage in the modern era has more to do with providing people with channels of communication that they can use to get in touch with you. Hence, the question of what you should add to your own business cards has a very simple answer, although it might not be all that obvious to the uninitiated. To put it plainly, a business card needs to contain at least two to three platforms that people can use to contact you.

An email address can be useful, but don’t forget to add a phone number as well. This phone number can be the most straightforward communication channel that you could have offered up to people. They can use it to get a direct line to your office so that they can ask you all about the business that you own or alternatively request some details pertaining to your employer. Phone numbers are an all important part of business cards which is why it is so rare to see any that don’t have them.


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