What Is a “God” Animal? Cecil the Lion’s Soul Contract Is to Create Change

“God” Animals are a very special variety of old Soul animals that have a significant purpose within a specific incarnation.

They are all knowing animals that usually come for a major lesson, cause or event. They shepherd souls through life’s emotional, traumatic and life altering experiences.

God Animal is a definition and term was given to me by my Guides during many animal communication sessions. The Guides explained that God Animals are like “Special Forces from the Universe” that come to teach lessons, influence and shape people’s emotions and lives and to change situations for the highest and greatest good of all those involved and for those in the future.

The Energy Field of a God Animal is bigger than any normal pet’s aura. You can feel their presence across a room. Others will just come up and say, “There’s something special” about that dog, cat or horse or… When you’re in the presence of or even see a picture or video of this old Animeonline soul, you can sense it!

THese special beings are way showers! They can be an emotional and educational catalyst for the rest of your life. Sometimes an unfulfilled space in your heart’s energy is filled by a God Animal who completes your inner being during their time with you and teaches you how to truly love!

Others teach their guardian an important Karmic lesson they need to learn. An example: A puppy ran out into the road and was killed. The owner learned to NEVER allow pets near a road. After that the pet chose to return to share happy times with his owner. See *** for exceptions

Some God Animals have a heroic task to complete such as the bomb sniffing dog that was killed while saving a platoon of servicemen and women, or a dog that retrieved a child from drowning in a pool, or a cat that saved its family from a fire.

If the guardian, individuals or humanity does not “get” the lesson or purpose for their being, then that God Animal will reincarnate again and endure the exact same scenario until the lesson recipient understands and changes their behavior.

God Animals also have a social awareness for the greater good of the animal kingdom and all species, or a cathartic lesson to teach humanity.

Neglected and abused animals that you find in homeless shelters that are euthanized or hoarding breeders who keep animals living in horrific and other heinous conditions, dog fighting victims, any animal that is a “victim” of an abhorrent cause, event or activity, all, are probably God Animals that have volunteered to help change conditions.

The horses in Central Park that became overheated in the midday summer city climate changed the conditions for other equines. New laws were passed to protect the horses and correct those conditions. The dolphins that were caught in fishing nets or beached whales led the way to reform and solutions that bettered the lives for all animals that followed.

Animal extinction, abuse and cruelty cases, elephants hunted for their ivory, Cecil the Lion who gave his life to illuminate illegal Hunting practices–think about something horrific and it’s probably God Animals doing their job! God bless the God Animals!

God Animals also assist from a Universal plane after they have crossed over by channeling pertinent information to their humans. Some assist pets on the other side by helping in Pet Heaven.
Others are instrumental in instructing or influencing their person’s purpose on earth. An example: After a dog dies, their guardian is led to foster and find homes for unloved pets.

God Animals and Reincarnation

People who experience a this special Soul, understand that VERY special level of connection that is even above and beyond a soul connected pet. They are often disappointed to learn their pet is not returning in their present lifetime because its job is complete. To return again in the current lifetime would interfere with the overall interconnectiveness of the lesson that God Animal came to teach.


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