Types of Conventional Room Dividers

Room dividers add color and also beautify a room, and are not only used as partitions but can be decorative. Dividers are the best and most fun way to separate spaces. There are many different types of room dividers such as folding dividers which are ideal for small apartments as one can fold them up and pack them away. People that life in studios and lofts make use of dividers, as they basically live in one big open space.

Folding dividers come in a range of beautiful wood  shutter room divider finishing such as cherry, teak, mahogany etc. then there are curtain room dividers which is a good option especially if you have kids. Curtain dividers can be hung between the beds so each child has their own space. Then there is the Asian look with paper screens and bamboo frames. If you are artistically inclined, you can create a unique screen by using all types of textures such as glass, plastic, metal and leather, and sculpture a beautiful piece.

Sliding room dividers are also very functional as they are framed perfectly and one can obtain them in glass or wood. However there is a disadvantage as these types of dividers cannot be moved easily. However, a wooden divider is the best way to beautify your home with style. They things are extremely elegant and warm. Dividers are used by architects and interior designers as a means to divide space into separate distinct areas.

Shutter room dividers are one of the most popular choices for a DIY project. Shutter come in various different designs such as an adjustable shutters flat panel, or picket fence. Shutter doors are an excellent option, because they can be customized for literally any space. There are a number of different types of dividers such as pipe and drape screens, cubicle partitions, and Shoji screens.



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