Treat Your Partner to a Nuru Massage at Home


Treat Your Partner to a Nuru Massage at Home

You can treat your partner to a relaxing and rejuvenating Nuru massage. This massage can be done at home and is a great way to show your love. This is an excellent way to treat your partner to a special treat, or to make it a weekly adventure. No matter what your reason, Nuru offers a lot of potential for exploration or augmentation.


A naked massage London is an erotic massage that involves gliding and sliding. A Nuru sheet is used for the massage. For the massage, it is important to have a smooth surface. Nuru sheets should not be stained. Use a non-allergenic gel. Coconut oil and almond oil are also options.

First, you should choose a room that has a warm and cozy temperature. Your bedroom is a good place to do this. If you don’t have a bedroom, try using an old towel or sheet. You can also listen to calming music. This will set the mood for your massage.

Nuru massages are often performed on a partner. You will glide along your partner’s body during this massage. This includes their arms, legs, face, and arms. This massage is very relaxing and can be used for foreplay. It is legal in some areas, but you should consult with your local police department to confirm its legality.

A Nuru massage is a popular massage style. Unlike other massages, it involves more body contact and is very relaxing. It is used to help relieve stress, ease muscle tension, and heal injuries. It is a Japanese style of massage that emphasizes relaxation and body-to-body communication.

A Nuru massage uses a special gel based on seaweed. The masseuse applies the gel to the client’s skin. The gel is rich in nutrients that allows the masseuse to slide over the skin of the partner. It increases sensuality and helps build a special bond between the partners.

The Nuru massage, a Japanese massage technique, is extremely relaxing and enjoyable. The massage incorporates light touch and sensuous movements. The Nuru massage gel is odorless and water-based. It does not stick and is easy to rinse from the body. It is a very popular massage style in the USA and UK.


Nuru massage is a sensual type massage that originated from Japan. It massages the recipient’s entire body. This style of massage also uses a slippery gel that the masseuse uses to slide over the recipient’s body. The gel is so slippery that the masseuse can massage her partner with her whole body. It is a warm, sexy experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Nuru massage is a great option to enjoy a spa-like experience at home. It uses a special gel that contains seaweed extract and botanical extracts. To get the best results, this gel is heated. This gel is rich in antioxidants, which are great for treating toxins and improving your health. Nuru massages can also help relieve muscular or postural pain.

A Nuru massage gel can get messy. It can stain bed sheets, so it is recommended to use a sheet with a rubber liner. It should also be kept warm for longer sessions. Once the session is complete, both partners should take a shower.

A Nuru massage can be an excellent way to break up the monotony of bed. When done well, Nuru massages can ignite lustful feelings. Couples looking to spice up their sex life can give each other a Nuru Massage at home. Be prepared. This will make your partner feel more appreciated and pampered. If you want to give a Nuru massage to your partner, you should know how to do it correctly.

Nuru massages can also be very intimate. They can be done during conversation, so the intimacy of the experience is enhanced even further. It’s a great way for you to strengthen your relationship with your partner.


A nuru massage is a wonderfully sensual experience. Performing it with a partner in a sensual setting will heighten the tension and erotic feeling. This massage involves sliding your whole body across the skin of your partner. Nuru is all about full body-to–body contact.

It is important to prepare the area before you begin the massage. You should make sure the room is comfortable and warm. To ensure that your skin remains lubricated, make sure you use the right gel. A gel that contains seaweed can be purchased. This gel can be expensive and difficult to find. You don’t have to spend so much, but you can find an alternative gel that will give your partner’s skin a nice shine and feel softer.

A Nuru massage is a unique form of erotic massage that involves massaging the recipient’s body with a slippery gel. It can help couples feel closer and less stressed, as the massage releases stress and hormones. It’s also great for the health of your skin. You can perform a Nuru massage at home using a seaweed gel or nourishing massage oil.

While it’s not recommended to perform the Nuru massage without a professional, you can still learn how to perform one yourself at home. While the gel is transparent and odorless, it can cause minor irritations in some people. Moreover, it can stain the sheet used by the nuru therapist or rubber-lined sheets.


If you want to perform a Nuru massage at home, there are some things you need to prepare. First, you will need a Nuru sheet or mattress and a seaweed-based massage oil. Your mattress or sheet should have a soft and smooth surface so you can glide across your partner’s body.

After preparing your gear, you can begin performing a Nuru massage on your partner. It’s recommended that you choose a partner who is comfortable with intimate touching. Try to include different parts of your partner when performing a Nuru massage. For example, try massaging the nipples or the elbows. You can also view videos online to learn more information about the Nuru massage technique. When performing a Nuru massage, you may also want to play some music or ambient sounds to set the mood.

If you have never given a Nuru massage before, you will probably be surprised by how easy it is to perform this sensation at home. A Nuru massage can be a great way for you to explore your sexuality, and have an intimate experience together. These techniques can be very relaxing and can help you improve your skin. You don’t have to attend classes to learn how to perform a Nuru massage, but you’ll still need to practice to become a master of this massage.

You’ll also need to make sure your room is comfortable. If your partner is uncomfortable, they won’t get the most from your massage. Make sure your table is comfortable for both of you and is clean and free from oil or other residue. Your client will be partially naked during the session so it is important that the room is warm. A space heater may be an option to warm the room.


Nuru massage is a very erotic and sensual experience. This massage is great for couples. However, it does not require sex or genital stimulation. Before you start a Nuru massage, make sure you and your partner have clear boundaries and expectations. Discuss how the massage should be done. Decide if one or both of you should get the entire treatment. Nuru massages work best when both partners are able to relax.

Warm is the best thing to do when choosing a Nuru Massage Gel. Warm gels help you relax and keep your muscles flexible. The gel can also be heated in hot water. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using the gel on your skin if it is sensitive.

SET THE MOOD for a Nurur massage at home begins by setting the mood. Be as comfortable as possible with your partner and listen to her breath. Nuru massages at home should be enjoyable and fun. The 7 Erotic Massage Secrets Ultimate Guide will help you learn more about erotic massaging. Be sure to have a firm surface, a warm room, and a pillow for your head.

Lighting is another important part of setting the mood. For a romantic massage, dim lights are ideal. However, full-blown fluorescent lights won’t create the same effect. Scented candles also help create a sensual atmosphere.



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