Prescription Drug Addiction – Which Prescriptions Are Most Often Abused?

No one can deny that the problem of prescription drug addiction is at its worst today than ever before, causing countless cases of dependency and abuse at epidemic proportions, and gaining the reputation of being the “silent epidemic” in some major cities Order Xanax Online in America. Prescription drug addiction is also known as the “silent killer,” and rightfully so, because it can take one innocent pill, or the wrong dosage, to place its user into a permanent sleep-an all-too familiar event known as fatally “overdosing.” From suburban neighborhoods, to celebrity life, to the ghettos-prescription Buy Xanax Online drug abuse seems to have no bounds in our society, affecting millions everyday. But how wide-spread is this kind of abuse, and how serious is it?

In 2010 alone, it was reported that an estimated 7 million America citizens claimed to be abusing prescription medications. Granted, this is only a little less than 3% of the total US population, but the jolting fact comes from the amount of increasing deaths from prescription medication abuse. It’s one thing for large populations to abuse drugs, true; but it’s another thing to lose lives rapidly over such a short period of time. As stated earlier, the strength of prescription drugs can be so overwhelming that it may take one instance, or one miscalculating dose, to result in a deadly overdose. In other words, the addiction epidemic is stemming from those who use drugs recreationally and recklessly (resulting in higher tolerance and addiction), or those who aren’t educated about the serious dangers of prescription medication abuse.


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