We can see that online betting is a very niche market for payment processors if we examine the global landscape. Since the launch of Google’s online payment service Checkout, this matter has improved. Analysts had predicted that Google would be involved in online betting processing before the 메이저사이트  launch of this service. PayPal decided years ago not to process payments in this sector. This would have seriously endangered PayPal’s market position if Google had also been involved.

Checkout revealed that Americans do not want to gamble and left the market to non-specialized processors. Neteller, which is headquartered in London, handled 7.3 billion dollars worth of online betting last year.


Goggle’s decision to leave the company with its puritan motto is not the only reason. Online betting laws in Korea are very vague. Each year, the American Congress presents a new project. These projects suggest that payments related to this activity should not be allowed and they shouldn’t even be processed. The Department of Justice of Korea issues constant warnings to the top players in the IT market to stop supporting this activity.


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