How to Get Twitter Followers – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Idea 1. Tweet Regularly, But don’t spam:-

Those 140 characters are precious. Use them wisely and you will see your popularity graph increasing. Tweeting unnecessarily or no tweeting may result in less followers.

a. ) Tweet interesting questions.

b. ) Tweet funny زيادة متابعين تيك توك stuff, interesting local news or random thoughts.

c. ) On an average, tweeting 5 times a day is good.

d. ) Tweet about your blog or website regularly.

e. ) Don’t Spam, Don’t Start selling your products.

Idea 2. Follow Peoples (Quality Peoples):-

Twitter is not just for following celebrities. Following others can help you a lot. When you follow a person there are chances that he/she will follow you back. You can Use Twellow. com, To find tweeple of similar interest.

a. ) Follow Tweeple with Similar Interest.

b. ) Follow Tweeple of your local region, state or nation.

c. ) Follow Bloggers or webmasters of your favorite blog or website(You will find Twitter link on their website or blog “Follow Me”).

d. ) Follow Your friends from other social networking websites.

e. ) Follow 10 People a day and who know may be you could make to twitaholic Top 100 List.

Idea 3. Re-tweet:-


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