Heat Sealer – For Secure Product Packaging

A heat sealer seals product packaging with the use of heat. Heat sealers deploy heated moving belts. The best seals are a consequence of time, temperature as well as pressure.

An impulse heat sealer is a system found on a “Bottom weld” machine. This machine has two sealing elements, a lower as an upper, that is used to fuse materials from both sides simultaneously.

Heat sealers come in various forms. Here are some basic ones:

Hand Held Heat Sealers: A hand-held sealer is designed for different applications, like sealing polybags, cellophane, and for sealing clamshells etc.

Sliding knife heat sealers: A heat sealer with a sliding knife has the same features as other heat sealers, but slots in a knife into the handle. This is a useful facet with which you can make your own bags from a roll of poly tubing.

Table Top Heat sealers: A table top heat sealer has an adjustable timer that takes care of the sealing time, thus generating a consistently flat seal. These sealers are seen as the ideal machines for sealing of poly bags.

Pedestal type heat sealers: With a pedestal type heat sealer, custom mech mods you can turn into an expert operator in a matter of a few minutes. An adaptable electronic timer mechanically presets the welding time; this guarantees a perfect seal every time.

Automatic Motion heat sealers: An automatic motion heat sealer produces a secure, repeatable seal; it increases the production rate. In automatic mode, electronic controls facilitate you to set the sealing time, sealing temperature, seal cool down time etc.

Direct Heat Sealers: A direct heat sealer is used to seal all kinds of thermoplastic packaging materials. By using this, you can comfortably seal through aluminum foil and also Kraft paper coated plastic materials. A thermostat continually preserves the sealing jaws at the chosen temperature.




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