Fleet Management To Control What Is In Your Fueling Power

As we all know from the article above, fuel isn’t getting any less expensive. We’ve all heard the predictions, projections and prognostications about what is going to happen with diesel fuel prices. We believe it’s pretty clear that no one really knows. Therefore, the only true things you can worry about are the things within your control.

How can your company control its fleet management variables?

1. Have a fuel management system

2. Price Insurance (Hedging), keep your fueling costs within your budget

3. Review all fueling and diesel additives pricing

4. Monitor MPG with your fleet cards or fleet credit card

5. Idle Policy save money of diesel and the environment

6. Fleet Card Program – with solid controls on each fleet card artificial intelligence or fleet credit card services

7. Benchmark your fueling costs for all deliveries from fleet companies cost over OPIS, diesel fuel prices

8. Educate your drivers about fueling costs and what they need to do to reduce fleet fuel usage

9. Unless your fleet manager, truly understand the fueling industry, don’t let them manage the fleet management program for fueling, you are putting your fleet manager in a no win spot

10. Audit all fuel companies deliveries, fleet credit card, fleet card, mobile fueling for added savings or potential diesel fuel theft for your fleet companies

Controlling the controllables in your fleet companies is not a one-time fleet management solution. It needs to be reviewed, monitored and followed up on. If not, your company is probably leaving thousands of dollars on the table every month. Need help?

Is your company concerned about your costs? Is it running a hundred miles an hour in another direction than you want your fuel management system to go? Are you not sure how or if we can help you with savings? Your staff needs to be able answer any questions you might have with fleet credit card, fleet companies, diesel fuel additives, fleet management solutions or just what is your fueling costing you. Remember if no one is watching your fuel management system or fleet management programs, how does anyone expect savings to occur or even worse over spending on your fleet fueling program.


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