Essential Tips for Android Application Development

Android Application Development has amazed the world with its marvelous success in mobile applications industry and according trend analyst android will have maximum market share in next few years. Applications created using android is highly reliable and robust compare to other platforms. More ‘n’ more professionals are getting deep into android development and try to get benefits from it.

If you have just entered into android app development and wish to get immense success with your first app than there are certain things you should keep in mind to make your app successful and get boost up your career as an android app developer.

Here are some essential tips or guidelines for Android app development:

• First get package name of your application! Android has one file called Androidmanifest.xml, which contains all the details about your applications. Package name in AndroidManifest.xml file will work as identifier for your app. So, try to get your place reserve at the very initial level.

• If your android application is not so small, then try to cut it Android APK download down in small different suits and services. As we all know that the smaller the app faster it loads.

• Try to get nerves of your target audience! It is very crucial for android developers to know what their audience or users expecting from them. Try to do some research and analysis of what actually users are looking for and expecting from your app. Get some feedbacks from users if you already have created your app, it will help to improve your app.

• If you don’t have any experience of SQL, then get your hands on it. Also try to learn XML as well. It will help you a lot while you develop any applications as android applications heavily rely on XML and SQL database.

• Try to know about eclipse and its features.

• Get in-depth about Android SDK and other supporting tools.

• Get familiar with hierarchy viewer and incorporate it within your android app development as it will help you to easily visual UI of the app and help you to visualize critical and complex layouts within your android app. Due to some security concerns it restricted to android OS development version or the emulator.



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