Electric Airsoft Rifles – A Look at the Aftermath Hitman CQC AEG Rifle


The Aftermath Hitman CQC Metal AEG airsoft electric rifle is made by Aftermath. The CQC represents close quarter battle, which this firearm is used for and is what it succeeds at. This weapon is 24.2 crawls long, along these lines making this electric airsoft rifle perfect for restricted living arrangements battle. The weapon is genuinely light, tipping the scales at 5.55 pounds, which will permit the fan to convey this firearm without stressing their arms.


This airsoft electric rifle has a full metal body and a pass on cast metal RIS interface front hold which makes the taking care of entirely dependable during discharging and while going around the war zone. The Hitman has completely Buy 410 ammo online front and back movable sights and they are removable also.


Having the option to control the way of the ammo is a significant part of airsoft fights, and the Hitman has a customizable jump up which permits the shooter to control the twist and speed of the ammo. This rifle shoot the bbs at a decent speed of 350 feet each second, not excessively quick, however with the nearby quarter usefulness of this weapon, any speed more prominent than this isn’t exactly needed.


This electric airsoft rifle creates a medium uproar of a variable of 3 when shot. The consolidated nylon single handed grip and stock adds a smooth vibe to the firearm. The Hitman has a high limit magazine which will hold 200 rounds of ammo.


With these highlights that are integrated into this airsoft rifle, it is an incredible firearm for the fledgling lover and furthermore the carefully prepared veteran and will give the specialist long stretches of dependable execution.


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