When the attic is one of the last spaces conquered in a crowded house, its purpose after transformation may be hotly debated among household members. In Northern orange county general contractors Virginia, Alexandria remodeling services can turn a dark attic full of junk into a functional part of the home at an affordable price. Depending on what the space is needed for the most, the attic can take on many and varied functions. Here are just a few ways to use the neglected space. It can be dedicated to one, or split to share with another use.

When children need some time to play and there is little room for it, the attic can become a playroom. By adding a sturdy floor covered in soft carpet, this area of the house can change from one of the most daunting to one of the most inviting. Bright colors for the furniture and walls will make it fun and friendly, rather than dark and scary. The entire room can be used for the children to play, or it can be partitioned into a few separate rooms to create extra space for each member of the family. Grown-ups like their leisurely space, too.

As children grow up, it becomes less and less desirable for them to share a room. Often considered a rite of passage for the oldest child or a teen-ager, the classic Alexandria residential remodeling project involves transforming an unused space into a bedroom. While the added climb upstairs or slight seclusion from the rest of the home may be considered a bonus to the teen, the parents may appreciate their creative use of decor in the attic. The homeowner should consult the room’s future occupant for decorating tips to keep the peace and perhaps discover some state-of-the-art devices and fixtures.

Working from home has become an option for more people over the past few years. Telecommuting is easier and more affordable for companies who want to reduce office space and expenses. Parents have more flexibility in daycare choices and save money on fuel with a minimal or non-existent commute. Without an effective office space, however, work might be difficult to accomplish. The attic is one solution. It is set a little bit away from the daily hubbub, but offers enough comfort and technology to function as an office. An Alexandria interior remodeling project will help to make the adjustment from daily commute to virtual employee an exciting one.

Entertainment Center
One room for entertainment and relaxation is no longer enough. Many homeowners now prefer to have one room for watching TV or movies and another for computer entertainment, games and music. Old-fashioned games like billiards, darts and cards can also be accommodated in the attic entertainment center. When added plumbing, HVAC and electrical features are included in the Northern Virginia home remodeling project, a small kitchenette or beverage area can be included at the same time.

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