Ever Wonder Why The Other Team Hits The Ball A Mile Farther Than Yours? It’s got nothing to do with athletic ability. The secret is in the bat. So this season don’t miss the playoffs and get the best ASA softball bats on the market for 2009. Below we have a list of the top three bats that will add instant pop to your lineup. Not only are these softball bats the best but they are all ASA legal softball bats. For a more extensive review with product links click the link to the article at the bottom of the page.

Miken Freak 98– This bat is a classic. The Miken Freak was always known as one of the best asa softball bats until the ASA put it on the banned list. Miken modified it’s design and created the Miken Freak 98. This bat is durable and has a lot of pop. It generates maximum flex through the barrel and truly is one of the best bats on the market. Every team should carry a Miken Freak 98. At 224 dollars you can’t beat it.

Combat Virus. This bat offers pop right out of the wrapper. If you are looking to impress the ladies with the long ball then this is the bat for you. The Endloaded Combat Virus is one of the best asa softball bats around. You can expect a healthy amount of tape measure blasts and frozen ropes with this bat. Combat moved the sweet spot down the panduan judi online barrel so you can miss hit the ball and still park it. That is why this is one of the best bats for the 2009 season.

Easton Stealth This bat didn’t have the same amount of pop as the others but it was the most widely used bat. A lot of people on our team liked the diversity of the bat. I would pick up the other two bats because they are cheaper then this one but this is still one of the best asa softball bats of 2009.

Here is a secret. The best bats can not be found at your local sporting goods store. You can only get them online. So do not waste your money on a bunch of cheap bats. Treat your team to 2 great bats and have them thank you later. For the best pricing online check out the best asa softball bat review link at the bottom of this page.

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