Bathroom Cabinets

In the past, the terms “bathroom cabinet” and “medicine cabinet” often referred to the same bathroom storage device-the plain, white box that we often see mounted above the bathroom sink in bathrooms. Today, the term that was once used to refer to a very simple bathroom storage device is now used to refer to a variety of functional and stylish bathroom accessories.

Today, the term “bathroom cabinet” is used to describe any cabinet that is used or that can be used inside a bathroom. In most instances, the term is synonymous with bathroom vanities, which are stylish cabinets that usually measures 32 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 21 inches deep. Bathroom cabinets, however, are not limited to bathroom vanities. In fact, bathroom cabinets can be as large as a wall cabinet or a tall storage cabinet Spültischarmatur. In most luxury bathroom units, the bathroom cabinet can even be as extensive as a system made up of a bathroom vanity, a bathroom countertop, a medicine cabinet, and various other types of cabinets.

In terms of style, bathroom cabinets can be largely classified in two groups: traditional American-style bathroom cabinets and European-style bathroom cabinets. Traditional bathroom cabinets are also often called framed cabinets. These cabinets make use of “faceframes” to cover the raw front edges of the cabinet. European-style bathroom cabinets, on the other hand, are often called frameless cabinets. Unlike the American-style cabinets, the raw edges of European-style bathroom cabinets are concealed using simple trim strips.

Bathroom cabinets can also be classified as stock, custom, or semi-custom (or modular). Stock bathroom cabinets are mass-produced bathroom cabinets that are available in only a few standard sizes and styles. Because of these limitations, stock bathroom cabinets are often the least expensive type of bathroom cabinets.

Like stock cabinets, modular cabinets are also mass-produced. Modular bathroom cabinets, however, offer more flexibility in design, allowing you to modify their style and structure in many different ways. Custom cabinets greatly differ from the other two because they are not mass-produced. Instead, custom bathroom cabinets are usually built by cabinetmakers or by custom shops. Because these cabinets are built to fit perfectly in your bathroom, they are also the most expensive.

From simple boxes mounted above the sinks of most bathrooms, bathroom cabinets have evolved into major styling components in our bathrooms. Today, people no longer see them as just another simple storage device. Instead, people see them now as an element of style.


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