10 Easy Steps To Creating An Internet Television Show

Internet Television is gaining ground. The newest rage of the world wide web is video and a lot of people are wondering about the options. A major consideration is how to create a TV show for the Internet. Here are some tips.

1.) Start in your own back yard. News shows and shows about local life will let you use ‘guerrilla marketing’ techniques to promote your show. This will also allow you to harvest local sponsors to generate revenue.

2.) Combine a list of the following:

A.) local high schools and colleges and their

a.) drama departments

b.) Creative Writing departments

c.) Computer Sciences departments

d.) Audio Visual Departments

3.) Design a ‘press release, flyer, or announcent” to for the list above.

*Auditions, Contests, etc. for YOUR NEW SHOW.

4.) Distribute this ‘announcement’ to the schools.

5.) Build your team…

* If you don’t have an idea for a show, let the ‘creative writing’ departments submit ideas and choose the one you like best.

Choose a host, a video camera crew, a writer, a director. Put together the team that you think you need.

6.) Get SET!

If your doing something like a “Sites of Wyoming site,” you’ll need to pick your locations in advance, set up a production schedule, and use the site as your set, but if you’re doing a sit-com type show, you’ll need to design a set. There are several places you can do this. homeland project free tv You can build a set anywhere, in your house, in your garage, at a warehouse, in a hotel room, or in a public place like a park.

7.) Start filming…

Depending on whether or not you have a ‘scripted show’ you can just film away and edit later, or you can have rehearsal, learn lines, film and edit later. That will depend on the show you are choosing to create.

8.) The Editing process…

There are quite a few video editing software applications available. Research them all and find what suits you best.

9.) The Final Cut…

– Get your video ready. You have your show, you’ve edited it, now, upload to your computer, but do not publish it just yet….

10.) Get Sponsors-

Use the “guerrilla marketing techniques” to bring sponsors to your show.

Once you have your sponsors, now you can upload to the web. There are many sites where you can upload your show. Myspace, Youtube, and Metacafe are three of them. Read the terms of service. They may not allow you to sell commercials, use affiliate links, or promote product, and the limitations on disk space may prevent you from entering an entire show in one clip. You may have to break it up into several clips. This could have it’s good points and it’s bad points. Your viewers will have to look at each clip individually, but that will allow far more advertising opportunity.


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